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Product Design




Training tools for high performing athletes at Strava, a fitness social platform.


Strava needed to move several of their high performing athlete features from free to within a paywall. Our team needed to identify opportunity, understand how to shift the existing experience, and launch some web-only features to mobile. The first stage involved talking to several existing customers or "athletes".


After 6 weeks I was able to summarize some of the pain points I was seeing.

The biggest problem we found was helping athletes to find the activity they were looking for. May it be to track the heart rate for the run they did last week, or the max distance they rode on their long bike ride last month - there were many scenarios. This problem came up over and over during our research. We framed the problem with a "how might we statement" and starting exploring solutions.

When I was ready to move onto ideation, I would share concepts during our remote design review. I would normally zoom into a particular workflow and collect feedback from the team. Then address the feedback, and iterate again. In some cases I would also bring concepts to our design team in our weekly critique. This helped me collect as much feedback as possible.

Each activity "bubble" represented an activity on a particular day. Color coding helped differentiate between different activities (like a run versus a bicycle ride) and the size represented the relative length of the activity.


We created a "fitness" section to the app and launched Training Logs from there. The module would show your activity at a glance for the current week, with an option to drill down into the training details and activity stats.