I was responsible for a set of subscription-only features targeted high performing athletes, for this popular social fitness tracking platform. I designed and launched several native mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop features.


Strava needed to move several of their high performing athlete features from free to within a paywall. Our team needed to identify opportunity, understand how to shift the existing experience, and launch some web-only features to mobile. The first stage involved talking to several existing customers or "athletes".


UX, UXR, UI, Prototyping, Mentoring, Team Process Building


“Am I on track [for my goals]?”
“Am I doing better or worse than I had in the past?”
“Are there similar activities that I have done in the past that I can compare?”
These key learnings helped us shape the solution we shipped.


We created a "fitness" section to the app and launched Training Logs from there. The module would show your activity at a glance for the current week, with an option to drill down into the training details and activity stats.