While working at Pivotal, we were hired by Harley Davidson to build a mobile app to help riders find motorcycle rides nearby, and to increase connection within Harley Davidson communities.


Harley-Davidson riders were not going on as many rides as they had in the past, and therefore reducing motorcycle sales as a whole.


UXR, UX, UI, Prototyping

Research and Learnings

1) People ride for errands, to commute, or to get around.
2) Family time and other commitments keep riders from riding more, and bad weather keeps riders from riding
3) Finding a fun ride to go on is usually word of mouth — huge opportunity with this one.

We sketched ride planning ideas as a balanced team of engineers, designers, and product managers. After a few rounds, we gained consensus by dot voting.

Testing Ideas with Motorcycle Riders

We ran multiple rounds of validation with some of the concepts we produced. We learned:
1) Riders are always looking for new routes to try.
2) A well known motorcycle brand carries a lot of trust for the quality and safety of a route.
3) Riders care about rides near them, the duration of the ride, and the quality of the ride.


We built a simple way for riders to find nearby rides. It allowed them to quickly learn what type of ride it was, the distance from them, and make the decision on whether or not it was the ride they wanted. Harley Davidson took the work we did with them at Pivotal, and continued building towards their first release in the app store in early 2019.